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The absence of innovation within the practical administration of water resources has impeded sustainable resource management. As a result of analogue administrative systems, crucial data relating to water rights and usage is either non-existent, inaccurate, or inaccessible. Insufficient data has allowed water resources to be mismanaged, undervalued, and under-transacted. Atreides provides a 21st century solution to this historical problem. By harnessing cutting-edge blockchain, AI, and IoT technologies, we provide secure infrastructures that streamline water management, from record keeping in regulatory registries to rights transfers between private parties.

Digital Records

Blockchain adds speed and immutability to a complete digital history of an asset—no more incomplete paper records

Quality Data

IoT and sensor technology provides the most complete, high-fidelity picture of water use and movement possible

Efficient Distribution

Predictive modelling allows for water to flow where it's needed most, lowering barriers to entry and unlocking the full value of the water market

The Atreides Story

In an eerily familiar depiction, Frank Herbert’s epic Dune saga imagines the harsh realities of a planetary ecosystem virtually devoid of water resources: An arid wasteland where water is currency; where specialized suits are worn by humans to recycle and retain the body’s water; where inadequate resource management leads to political uprisings, interstellar wars, and millennium-spanning innovation efforts.

While the description of such an ecosystem might’ve seemed fantastical and otherworldly when the setting of Dune was first imagined in 1965, today it forecasts an impending reality for many areas within the United States absent a revolutionary change in management practices. In Dune, House Atreides, the dynastic namesake of the saga’s protagonist, was tasked with revitalizing a desolate planetary ecosystem by revolutionary means; Likewise, in 21st century America, Atreides the Company, acknowledges a similar role and responsibility.

Borrowing from Dune's proclamation that "the historical system of mutual pillage and extortion stops here. You cannot go on forever stealing what you need without regard for those who come after. The physical qualities of a planet are written into its economic and political record. We have the record in front of us and our course is obvious." Through our harnessing of distributed ledger technologies and decentralized data, Atreides endeavors to serve the government and public with an accurate and transparent record of water rights, usages, and resources. From there, our course is obvious.


How Atreides can help, whether you're an individual, a company, or a public agency.


Atreides offers a full SaaS platform—no blockchain expertise needed. Just sign up and you can access our enterprise blockchain


We can implement a permissioned blockchain network on your servers, giving control over access, data, and history


Not sure where to start? Atreides can help you figure out what's best for you, from a full blockchain network or a few IoT monitoring devices

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